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By YWAM Newcastle on November 4, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Before heading out to England and Germany, my outreach team spent two weeks working in a small suburb of Sydney called Newtown. One day we walked the streets, handing out food to the homeless people we met along the way. As we were led by the Spirit, God began working in amazing ways. I met a homeless man by the side of the road and we began to talk. He told me how he had grown up in the former Yugoslavia and immigrated to Australia 45 years earlier. After chatting for a while I asked if he believed in God, to which he replied with a hostile, “no”. I gathered that this was a touchy subject for him but we continued to talk further.

As I was leaving he challenged me saying, “If your God is real, tell him to reveal Himself to me.”

I wanted to talk more but he insisted on me coming back the next day. He explained that out of all those who stopped to talk and get to know him, none of them ever made the effort to come back again. I pinky-promised to catch up the following day.

After I arrived home I spent two hours praying for him, asking God to reveal himself in an amazing way, one that could only be explained as God.

The next morning I instantly went out looking for him but to no avail. I searched for him several times throughout the day, determined to find out what God had done. Finally, at around 10pm, I found him! We had a long conversation and right before I went to leave he exclaimed, “Hey man, can I tell you the truth? Last night I had this amazing dream, I have never experienced anything like it before!” With joy on his face he declared that “it was one of the most beautiful dream experiences” he had ever had and went on to explain how he had dreamt of heaven, seeing and interacting with different people and creatures, a dream filled with symbolism and metaphors for his life. It blew my mind away!

I offered him a Bible, answering his questions and showing him that this one had been made in a magazine style with photos and graphics to complement the original text. He said he would read it and tucked it under his pillow.

As I turned to leave, his face was filled with joy. I couldn’t stop smiling about how a simple conversation could open the door for an encounter with heaven.

A seed has definitely been sown in his heart and I know that my God is always faithful to finish what He starts. 

by Levi Costolo
YWAM World Explorer DTS student

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