What Happened When God Changed Our Plans

By YWAM Newcastle on March 17, 2017 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Each day during our time in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we would drive an hour to a remote village to teach English to the kids and teens in the surrounding area. Once a week, the lesson was on Christian Values, or how to live like Jesus. Before starting the lesson, we would pray for God to give us the words He wanted these youth to hear, and that we would be willing to change our plans to His.

One time, we began with worship, before sharing a testimony as we had planned. As I looked at the class, which was our biggest yet, I asked God, “What do they need, and how can I show it to them?” I felt an impression that the students were full of questions about God and who He is to them, so I asked the class, 

“Does anyone have a question about who Jesus is?”

I hadn’t planned on taking the lesson in this direction, but I trusted God, believing that this would be what the students needed. We stood in front of the class for what felt like an eternity, with no questions being asked. I began to feel like I had heard God wrong. As I was about to try and redirect the lesson, a shy student raised his hand and asked, “What made you want to come to Cambodia to teach the Bible?”

I shared with him that God wants a relationship with every person on earth, and sometimes He sends people out to share God’s love. I was reminded of Jesus calling Peter to walk out to Him on the water. Following God’s lead, I told my students how sometimes God asks us to do things that feel impossible, but with Jesus there to pick us up out of the waves, we can do anything. 

I asked the boy, “If Jesus asked you to walk on the water, would you be scared?” He smiled, and his broken English replied, “No. I love Jesus, and I trust him.”

Sometimes, God does ask you to do something scary. Whether it’s getting on a plane to Cambodia, or even just changing lesson plans, obedience can be daunting. There’s always the fear of thinking you have misheard or misinterpreted God’s voice. 

But trust in Him, and He’ll pull you up and out of the waves.

Amanda Ademe
YWAM Compassion DTS student

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