What Could I Do With A Sick Refugee Child? | YWAM Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on May 13, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

On the first day in the refugee camp I was brought into a family’s tent by ten kids. Jumping and yelling, everyone was shouting something different in Arabic with the expectation for me to understand each of them. I made my way into the tent where we all sat in a circle on the floor. I quickly learned that both the families I was with were from Syria and spoke absolutely no English. What had been intended as a quick drop by to say hello turned into an hour and a half of English and Arabic lesson filled with countless hand gestures and charades as we tried to bridge the language barrier.

Our fun game full of rowdy kids was quickly cut short by the sound of nasty coughs and heavy wheezing from a six month old baby.

It didn’t take long to figure out that he was having an asthma attack, which quickly got worse. As I sat, half frozen in the tent, the babies mother handed him to me.

What could I do? I’m not a doctor or a nurse!

I held the baby and immediately started praying. There was almost no fear as I realised nobody knew what I was saying – so what did I have to lose.

In that moment it was me, God, and this tiny baby.

I began with panicked prayers but God quickly reminded me to turn to Him, speaking out who He is as a loving Father. This was His child first. He had it all in His hands.

I finished praying and laid my hand on the baby’s chest. The coughing and wheezing stopped instantly and he fell asleep. The mother looked up at me, the look in her eyes changed. It was as if her eyes had been opened and she could see that I had something different in me. As I got up to leave, God spoke into my heart that our time together is not yet finished. He has more to show this family and He also has so much more to show me!

by Audrey Walter
YWAM Sports DTS Student

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