We Learnt To Be Patient For God’s Promises

By YWAM Newcastle on March 31, 2017 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Evangelism is loving God and loving people; it’s everyday life with Jesus. These are two simple truths that our team dwelt on during our time in the Philippines. From running discipleship seminars for local churches to doing street evangelism, our focus was on showing God’s love for those around us through the overflow of His love for us.

We focused on simply living life and letting Holy Spirit lead and guide us without the huge pressure of seeing things happen.

Before we even left Australia to go to the Philippines, we felt God was telling us that throughout our outreach, we would see a harvest. When others prayed for and prophesied over us, they would tell us the same thing.

Once we arrived in the Philippines, during our team worship and intercession times, God spoke to us a lot about rain and harvest, and how the harvest will be ready after the rain comes. We thought this meant spiritual rain that would water and soften the hearts of those with whom we would share the gospel.

Throughout outreach, we sowed many seeds, prayed for people, shared words of encouragement to them and did small acts of kindness. It was amazing, yet we hadn’t seen the fruit that we had been praying for and that God had promised us over and over again. But we did not lose faith.

Four weeks later, the harvest came with the rain, just as He promised. And we were running an evangelism seminar.

We had three hours of teaching and two hours of application, where we took the church out into the community and “walked with Jesus”. For our teaching, we asked God what He really wanted to speak to them about evangelism, and He gave us the words “take the pressure off”. We used our talks to show people that evangelism wasn’t as scary as we had thought at first, and we shared personal testimonies about our own experiences with learning how evangelism is simply a lifestyle. While we shared, the weather started to change, and God told us to go out and share the Gospel in spite of the pouring rain.

We prayed “Holy Spirit come”, went out into the downpour, and saw God move in mighty ways.

We saw 20 salvations, four people were physically healed, and over 30 people heard the gospel and were prayed for. And the cool thing was, God worked mostly through the local church. He used the people who we have been discipling- the people who will continue to go out and connect with the community, even after we leave!

God always keeps His promises, but sometimes He uses us to fulfill them.

Paige Bradley
YWAM Compassion DTS student

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