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By YWAM Newcastle on December 27, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

One week, during our time in Chitwan, a bigger city in southern Nepal, we found it difficult to connect with people due to a major Hindu festival that was taking place. However, that didn’t stop us from doing the best we could! We visited the believers in the slums outside the city, and the other families we met, getting to know them and speaking words of encouragement. 

During this time we saw four salvations and one person recommit his life to God!

The man who recommitted his life is one of my favourite stories so far…

One day we headed out after dinner to visit a few families and pray over a household who had just given their lives to Christ. On our final stop of the night, we were praying a young boy would regain his hearing when an older man limped in and sat down, asking us to pray for his leg. After taking a closer look we were all shocked to see a large wound in need of medical attention. We stopped everything and began to pray; immediately the pain decreased but the wound desperately needed to be cleaned.

Some of our team members walked back to the house where we were staying and grabbed our first-aid kit. When they returned, it took us almost half an hour to thoroughly clean and bandage the wound. Once we finished we prayed again before walking home, hoping for a miracle. 

The next morning as we were preparing to head out for the day, we noticed a familiar face outside our door, talking to one of our hosts. It was the man from the night before! We hoped he had an encounter with God; we desperately wanted to see our brother know Christ.

Our host came up to us and announced, “This man, he wants you to pray for him again. He has recommitted his life to Jesus after being away for some time now.”

We excitedly went and prayed for our brother, cleaned his already healing wound and encouraged him! What a joyous moment! We were so honoured to have played a part in this man’s return to Christ and I can’t wait to meet my brother again in Heaven!

God has really been showing us the power of simple prayer and being kind to others. We had found the language barrier frustrating at times, not being able to communicate well with the locals in the villages. However, in that moment, God showed us what we were really there for; we were there to make Him known but not always in the way we thought we would. One of the ways He makes Himself known is by having us remind people of His mercy and the Father’s beautiful embrace.

He makes Himself known through simple acts of caring for those who are overlooked, and bringing home the lost children who have wandered away.

by Keana Miller
YWAM Music & Arts DTS Student

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