Taking A Leap Without All The Answers

By YWAM Newcastle on March 7, 2017 in Discipleship Training Schools, Staff Blog

Is there a dream hidden in the back of your mind? Are your feet itching to roam? Does your heart ache to love the forgotten? Are you choking over the “yes” on the tip of your tongue? I understand.

That was me during high school: called to missions, inspired to change the world, and yet overwhelmingly confused.

From 9th grade, my friends all knew their future college majors, their prospective universities and the test scores they would need to get there. I didn’t even know how to French braid my own hair! But even in my own uncertainty, God saw my future, and as I struggled to prepare for projects and exams, God was planning to use me to further His kingdom in Australia!

If you tend to look at the world and feel small, like I am prone to do, I want to encourage you how great our Father truly is. I believe God wants to use you. He sees your life, and there’s so much more you can do than you’d ever imagine. For years, I suppressed my desire to follow God. I ignored the ways He called me to missions, and I pretended I could be like everyone else. I thought I had to graduate with honours from high school, which would propel me into university, a career, financial security, a great life etc. I allowed myself to feel pressured by what everyone else did.

But God didn’t make any of us simply to mirror each other. We were created with purpose, and the calling on each of our lives is completely unique. When God says “Go. Trust me”, He is worthy of our obedience and faithful to adventure with us.

I chose to dream and dare with the Lord.

I didn’t just leave my hometown or move out of state. I flew across the world! That’s not to say that my calling is better than anyone else’s or that God can’t use you or me at home. He can. We can be used for His glory anywhere, but the greatest joy I’ve experienced is when I’ve followed His guidance.

Even after I decided to say yes and began the journey of putting my faith in action, I still experienced doubt. I still battle regularly against fear of the unknown, fear of what people might think of me, fear of not measuring up to expectations. My courage is found in the knowledge that God has won the war. My fight is temporary, and I’m not in it alone. Victory is the Lord’s and I follow in His wake. Remember that God doesn’t call any of us to places He hasn’t been. He understands the sacrifices, the risks you undertake when following Him, and He “will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5b).

Since stepping out in faith, my life hasn’t been easier. It’s had moments of intensity, emotion and challenge, but the God of the universe has revealed Himself to me. He has shown me His love. Every effort I’ve made to seek Him has been rewarded. He is worthy of my yes.

When God asks us to trust Him, we have the choice. Gather up your courage, clear your throat, and give Him your answer.

by Fiona Muha
YWAM Newcastle Staff

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