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By YWAM Newcastle on May 19, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

One day while we walked the streets of Tauranga, New Zealand, looking for every opportunity to share the Gospel,

the Lord directed my teammate and I to talk to a lady sitting on a bench. 

As we approached her I felt discouraged because she was very occupied by something on her phone, but we didn’t give up and asked her how her day was going. She responded quickly and we were able to strike up a conversation with her. We began sharing with her why we travelled to New Zealand: to make God known. We asked her what she thought about God, and she explained somberly that right now He was her strength and energy. She shared with us about how she had moved from the Philippines to study in New Zealand. Being away from her family and the business of her schedule was taking its toll and had been quite a challenge.  As she explained her situation and how God was relevant in her life, I felt led to ask her if she would like prayer for healing.

She immediately burst into tears!

Trying to hold herself together, she exclaimed, “Thank you so much! You have no idea what this means to me! I have had pain in my chest, and it has been really scary because I’m here all alone.  I’ve been trusting and depending on God to help me! I literally just came from the local catholic church where I prayed for Him to give me a sign that He sees my situation and is willing to heal me.

Now you guys are here. You must be my angels!”

We were so amazed and honoured to get to be a part of God’s plan in this woman’s life. It was so incredible to know that God was working through us in such a powerful way. We prayed over her and she said she felt much better! As we were going to leave she exclaimed, “I’m going to tell everyone I know what has happened today!”

Testimony from,
YWAM Sports DTS Outreach in New Zealand

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