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By YWAM Newcastle on November 11, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

A microphone and amplifiers were set up in the middle of the busy subway station in Budapest, Hungary, attracting the curious glances of people passing through. Prostitutes were making exchanges with potential clients amid bustling crowds on their evening commute. Our contacts were doing their fortnightly evangelism routine, which consisted of presenting a message publicly and sharing about Jesus with those who took the time to stop and listen. 

A Hungarian man with us was handing out flyers for his church, but suddenly he ran back over to our team. We were led to a young man who spoke English—someone we didn’t need an interpreter to communicate with! He was from Brazil and had been travelling by himself around Europe for two months, and his travels were soon coming to an end.

The conversation started out casual, but eventually transitioned into deeper topics. “What is the coolest thing you’ve learned from travelling?” one of our team members asked. He replied saying there’s always something to learn from every person he meets along the way.

This was the gateway to a life-changing conversation.

A couple of team members explained how we are all made in God’s image and that we are also unique. This led to them sharing the gospel, how Jesus was the final sacrifice for our sins. They shared some of their own stories and how being in relationship with God had completely turned their lives around. They also explained what it is like to recognise God and feel his presence through the Holy Spirit.

The young Brazilian had grown up with religious parents but had never experienced God for himself or known him personally.

“I feel… different,” he said after we prayed for him. He couldn’t stop smiling.

Not long later, we asked him if he wanted to pray and he eagerly agreed. He spoke to God, saying that he wanted Jesus as his Saviour, and that he would “give this faith thing a try”.

Despite the busyness and activity in the subway, the Spirit of God was obviously present.

To have us cross paths with this young Brazilian man on his final day in Budapest was clearly something only God could have arranged. He was abroad alone seeking adventure, and he found Jesus, the ultimate lifelong friend and travel companion.

by Haley Black
YWAM World Explorers DTS student

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