Just How Important Is It To Use Your Words?

By YWAM Newcastle on March 21, 2017 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

In the tiny Papua New Guinean village of Angoram, I experienced how God can and does use simple messages to bring His children closer. Words have value, but it’s rare to see the impact of our words on others.

I was giving a simple teaching on oral health as we worked alongside volunteers from YWAM Ships Kona’s medical ship the m/v Pacific Link. As I taught the group how to practice hygienic habits, like brushing their teeth, I added that God wants people to use their mouths to say good things instead of bad things. At the end of my talk, I asked if anyone in the group wanted me to pray for them, and a young lady approached me. She asked for prayer to help her say positive things instead of negative things. After I prayed for her, two other women joined us. We continued discussing how we could use our words for good. These ladies all felt very strongly about my simple teaching, and really desired to be positive with their words.

Unknowingly, I had opened a door for the Holy Spirit to enter the lives and hearts of these three young women.

From the simple obedience of giving a short teaching about oral health and kind words, I was able to share the gospel with the girls, and all three chose to give their lives to Jesus and follow Him! I gave them Bibles, which they began reading that night, and they came back to me with questions the next day. I even led them in a small Bible study of Psalm 91.

I continued to see these girls throughout the time we spent in Angoram and disciple them on topics such as their identity in Christ, trusting in God and hearing God’s voice. They were very responsive and continued to ask questions, wanting to know more about how God is at work in our lives. They shared their dreams of going to school and becoming teachers, but they told me they want to grow closer to God before they go to university. The Holy Spirit really moved in these girls, and I enjoyed seeing how much they grew during the short time I was with them.

Saying goodbye to these young women was difficult as I had built strong relationships with them, but we exchanged emails, and I hope to stay in contact with them in the future. Looking back at this experience, I’m reminded how amazing it is that God chooses to use us to further His Kingdom.

God used my simple words about oral hygiene to radically and forever change the lives of these women.

Heather Kilby
YWAM Compassion DTS student

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