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By YWAM Newcastle on November 22, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

During our time in Berlin, Germany, My team and I spent some time working with refugees of all ages from many different nations across the Middle East, including Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. We were able to invite some of them to an evening event that was being held at the YWAM centre in Berlin.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the service but my hopes were heightened when I learned that we would have an Arabic translator! Until this point we had been using our phones to translate our conversations, but now our friends would have the opportunity to actually hear the word of God! This made the whole outreach team excited!

During the worship before the service, I sat near some of the refugees and I was able to hear them singing and worshiping God.

While we were singing I asked God if He had something He wanted to say to anyone in the room and He said, “Yes”.

I asked Him who He wanted to speak to and He pointed out the man sitting in the row behind me. I became nervous for a few reasons, one, because I knew it was strange in their culture for a woman to address a man in this way and two, because I had no idea what he believed about God. So, I asked Holy Spirit to give me confidence and speak through me, and boy did He do just that!

At the end of service, I quickly found one of the translators and went to talk to the man God had shown me. I instantly began to feel how heavy his heart was and how much pain he was in.

I had no idea what God wanted to say to him so I simply opened my mouth and let God do the talking.

I can’t remember a lot of what was said because of this, but I do know that God asked him if he would invite Him to come into his heart and remove the pain.

The man started to open up about how much pain he had been in and how he was ready to give up. He then invited God to replace the pain and was filled with the Holy Spirit. He exclaimed that he had never felt anything like it and I could see the change in his eyes, the pain had been replaced by God’s love for him and he truly felt it.

He re-dedicated his life to God and was filled with a new passion to know God and understand how he could have a relationship with Him. I have never seen such a drastic change, from those first moments feeling his deep pain to this, joyful and light countenance! What a privilege to serve such a good God! This was the first time I shared a life-changing word for someone outside of a YWAM context.

I saw God’s heart for this man and in return my own heart was changed.

by Jordan Esajian
YWAM World Explorer DTS student

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