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By YWAM Newcastle on December 16, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Our Fijian neighbors in the village of Nasaumatua welcomed us into their community on a daily basis. We regularly went from house to house as a team to pray and sing with the families living around us. Our goal with these visits was simply to build relationships and to be a blessing to the Fijians in whatever way we could, but God chose to bless us through these encounters as well.

One afternoon, the Lord sent my teammate and I to a house just up the hill from where we were staying. The first thing that stood out to me about this home was how different it was from any of the houses we had visited earlier that day. This home wasn’t made of brick or painted colourfully like the others: it had a small wooden frame covered with sheets of metal to protect its occupants from the elements. I had seen other structures like it in the village but this was my first time inside one. The woman living in the house explained that the materials she used to build her current home were recovered from her former house that was torn down by Cyclone Winston last February. She told us that she didn’t care about what her home looked like because the Lord had provided her with exactly what she needed: a roof over her head and food for her family.

These were the things that were truly important to her. She told us she wasn’t worried about having many things here on earth, because what mattered most to her were the treasures she was storing up in heaven.

As my teammate and I sat with this woman on the floor, watching her weave a mat out of dried up palm leaves, she asked us questions about where we were from and what we had been doing before we came to Fiji. We shared stories with her about our families back home and about our jobs that kept our schedules full leading all the way up to our time with YWAM. We shared with her that God was teaching us a lot about His peace and rest during the outreach phase of our Discipleship Training School. He wanted us to find our comfort in Him, not in our circumstances, and to trust that He would guide us every step of the way.

The woman listened to us as she worked and murmured her agreement from time to time. When we finished speaking she shared with us how she too heard God’s voice and was led by His peace. She was so glad we had learned this lesson so early on in our lives.

Over her lifetime she had met many people who had spent thousands of dollars to come to the islands of Fiji to find peace and rest on the beaches or at the resorts, but they never found what they were looking for.

They left just as restless as when they first arrived on the plane. She told us the reason they never found what they were searching for was because God is the only one capable of giving them peace. She was very glad that our team had come to Fiji to share about the Father’s love and the rest that He wants to give to the weary of heart.

As we said goodbye to the woman, I felt so refreshed by the strength of her faith and the words she shared with us. Now, even when I am feeling discouraged by the world around me and think that I have nothing left to give, I know that I am wealthy beyond measure, for the Lord has greatly blessed me with His riches in heaven.

On the island of Ovalau I learned not to look for comfort in the material things of this world or to strive for it by my own physical efforts, but to find my true rest in the only One who can give it.

by Chrystal Randolph
YWAM Music & Arts DTS student

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