I Experienced What It Means To Be God’s Vessel

By YWAM Newcastle on March 10, 2017 in Outreach

It’s amazing how God can use His children. Often, when the Holy Spirit urges us to be bold, we have moments of resistance or hesitation because we’re uncertain of what God wants to do, or fearful of what others might think. However, as we step out in bold faith, God leaves us in awe.

When we pray to be used by God, stepping into the unknown, we experience what it means to be purely and completely His vessels.

I was recently able to test my trust in God’s faithfulness while on outreach in Papua New Guinea. During a time of worship with my team in the middle of an open air market in the center of Wewak, I felt God nudging me to initiate an “altar call”. Holy Spirit told me that there were a few people in the crowd who wanted a relationship with Jesus, but they didn’t know how they could have one. I hesitated, not knowing what to say or how to go about it. As another team member got up to speak, I wondered if God was asking her to do the same thing. However, after sharing a message about how God wants His children to have hopes and dreams, she sat back down. I looked around at the people in the crowd as my team continued to lead worship. I felt a strong sense of urgency to share about salvation, and despite my nerves, I knew I couldn’t miss the chance.

But what would I say? I didn’t have time to think, so I just trusted that if I opened my mouth, the message would come straight from God.

I began by telling the crowd that Jesus was so in love with them that He desired a relationship with them. I explained how Jesus wants to lift the burdens off them and bring them to a place of freedom, peace, and rejoicing. I asked if anyone wanted to pray and ask Jesus into their hearts, but even after asking several times, no one stepped out. But I knew I wasn’t meant to take silence for an answer, that God wanted to finish the work He had started. I kept talking until an elderly man came up and tapped me on the shoulder. He told me to pray out loud and ask the bystanders to pray out loud with me, because the people were too shy.

As I looked around, I began noticing people throughout the crowd bowing their heads in prayer, asking aloud for God to enter their hearts.

There was one man in particular, who had been there observing the whole time, and he was on the brink of tears. I went up to him to find out what was wrong. He explained about his impoverished situation: he was running out of money for school and as a result was running out of hope. Sharing with him about Jesus and the hope He brings, I explained what it means to have a relationship with God. This man decided that he also wanted to have relationship with Jesus, so we prayed together, and he left the market that day without life’s heavy burdens weighing him down. Because of Jesus, the man found peace and happiness in the midst of struggle.

by Kassandra Nelson
YWAM Compassion DTS Student

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