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“The most effective way to communicate YWAM Newcastle is by empowering its staff & students to communicate.”

We believe that in order to communicate YWAM Newcastle in the most effective and powerful way we need more than just our own dedicated Creative & Communications team. Instead we need you and the entire community. We need your unique angle and creativity to capture things we could never see. This way the picture we paint is as complete as possible. Showing the beauty of what God is doing in and through his people here.

What is a Collaborator?

It is pretty simple really. A collaborator is someone who commits to seeing their personal communications feed into the way we communicate YWAM Newcastle. We have done this as two simple options listed below. You can either commit to just ‘Share’ or if this is something that excites you and you really want to help choose “Contribute”.

1. Share

Sign up to allow the YWAM Newcastle Creative & Communications team to use things you already post on social media & blogs you write for YWAM Newcastle creative & communications projects.

2. Contribute

Join us by submitting your own original content to us on a regular basis. This is done through a simple app/web site called Those that select this option can, and often do, also select ‘Share’.

How do I join?

Simply complete the YWAM Media & Collaborators Consent Form and select which/both of the two options you would like to take part in. From there we will email you with details on how to get set up. Thanks so much for wanting to join with us!

Sign-Up & Become A Collaborator!


TERMS OF USE: By pressing the submit button you are giving YWAM Newcastle full permission to use and edit your content, including images and video, for use on this site and on any online profile operated by YWAM Newcastle, and in any promotional materials.