Crowds Gather In Borneo – Trailblazers DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on February 3, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach


When we first arrived in Borneo and learned more about the ministry we would be doing here, we got pretty excited. Village ministry: traveling from village to village, staying only a couple of days at a time, spreading the Gospel and building up the Church and setting people free. We would prep ourselves by reading scripture that reminded us of the types of things Jesus saw – the types of things we could see, too. We could see the sick healed and the dead raised and the captives freed – we could see the things that Jesus saw. We could do ministry the way Jesus did ministry.

Some of the most amazing ways that we’ve been able to see God move have also been some of the most unexpected.

One night, for example, we were doing something as routine as house visits. We had just arrived in the village that day, and had no idea what to expect (apart from the usual copious amounts of sweet tea and white coffee). At first, we were surprised to notice that a crowd of people had began to gather, following us around from one home to the next, poking their heads through windows and doors, just to watch us and catch glimpses of our conversations. It was strange; we didn’t really know how to handle it. How many of them were there? Why were they following us? What did they think was so interesting about us?

We were holding an impromptu church service in someone’s house when one of our teammates recognised the opportunity that lay before us:

there were over one hundred people following us;

watching us; listening to us – interested to hear anything we had to say… So why not say what we came there to tell them, right then and there?

We finished our church service, walked outside, and two members of our team got the attention of the crowd. They told them about who we were and why we were there and that they had some really Good News for them: Jesus. And then… CHAOS.

People came forward for prayer – salvations, recommitments, healings. We spread ourselves out and spent 20 minutes praying for men and women and children… And then it was over. Just like that. We invited them out to the church service we were holding the following night, then walked back to where we were staying to get some rest.

Stories like these are some of our favourites to share, because they show God taking something that could’ve been nothing, and using it for so much. It’s been so sweet to make our way through each village, because it’s the kind of ministry Jesus did. It’s loving people and serving people and freeing people like Jesus did; it’s doing Outreach, Jesus Style.

By Andrea Oueis
Trailblazers DTS

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