Bringing Hope to a Hospital – Cambodia Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on December 6, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

An update from our World Explorers DTS currently on outreach in South East Asia.

A group of us joined a ministry that visits HIV/Aids patients in hospital. After introducing ourselves and the many nations represented we sang a worship song and shared with them about what the song meant. Eggs and noodles with tea were given because even though they are in hospital, they receive no food. They rely on their families to provide for them. Many, due to the stigma of the disease or due to poverty, do not have any of their families supporting them. Some parents who are sick have their children stay with them in the hospital because otherwise they’d be out on the street.

They are reliant and blessed by the generosity of ministries like this one that reach out to them.

One little girl whose father we visited attached herself to us. She listened to our songs and watched us pray for people. She loved to play hide and seek and was delighted in being found. I showed her my headband and then put it on her head. She wore it proudly like a little princess. She wasn’t the first daughter I had seen there at her father’s bedside. Another girl, aged 12, went to school during the day and then came to her father. He was in a poor state and reliant on oxygen.

God prompted me to tell her that she’s a good daughter. I know how important that is to hear.

After spending our day pouring out love on the sick and their daughters, I had the comfort of my heavenly Father telling me that I’m a good daughter too. As we drove through Phnom Penh in our tuk-tuk, I saw my fellow team members as God saw them; like a proud Parent delighting in their children.