Looking Beyond the Exterior – SOIYM Outreach Update

By YWAM Newcastle on November 21, 2013 in Outreach, Youth Ministry

The latest testimony from our School of Innovative Youth Ministry outreach team currently in Cambodia!

As I stand and take in the environment around me I am heartbroken. On the outside, this appears a place of hopelessness, rejection, and despair. I start to understand why some people turn to things that seem to offer a “quick fix” like alcohol, drugs, and prostitution. These chains seduce with a false sense of escape or hope of financial security.

I force myself to look beyond the exterior and ask myself “How can I offer true hope, acceptance, and joy?”

Most great things have small and simple beginnings.

While I may not be able to connect, encourage, and drastically change every person’s life in this Cambodian slum, I do have the opportunity to serve and bless several people today. What a privilege it is to see someone’s face light up as we converse, give out food and pray for them.

As this ministry carries on, my hope is that it will multiply; that people will allow compassion to stir within their hearts, and we would continue to be generous with what we have and not hold back.

Kelcie Rausch
SOIYM Leader

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