4 Men Meet Jesus On A Bench – India Outreach Update

By YWAM Newcastle on October 29, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

The latest testimony from our current Music & Arts DTS outreach team in India.

We made it to Hyderabad, India! Our team jumped in quickly on our first day of ministry when we felt like God was calling us to get out and strike up conversations with the curious watching eyes. We realised soon that God had called us very specifically to fellowship that day.

One of our team, Mitchum Burton, experienced God working through the hearts and minds of a few young men. As he was praying that God would reveal someone to talk to, Mitchum became distracted by four young men sitting on a bench. He started to engage in basic conversation until God put a question on his heart. He asked about their religion and why they believe in so many gods. They were clearly stumped and spoke amongst themselves before responding with

“Our culture promotes it and our families force it”.

Mitchum then shared his testimony about when he rejected religion before finding the One True Living God. After more questions and hearing the Gospel of Jesus, the men asked for prayer. Right there, the four men found the love and power of Christ and accepted Him into their hearts.

“We left them not with money or food but with the greatest gift that we had, faith in the one true living God that fulfils and dwells in the hearts of His people who surrender their hearts to Him.” – Mitchum Burton

By Brenna Hull
Music & Arts DTS Student

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