Lifelong Decisions By A Flag Pole – PNG Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on September 12, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

An update from our Justice & Mercy DTS outreach team currently in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Our team has been staying in a village with the Hula people. Recently we visited a school that many kids in the Hula village attend. There were about 300 kids there for the assembly. After a silly skit we started talking to them about hearing God’s voice and finding out what God thinks of them. I told my testimony of how I grew up in a Christian home but I became a Christian at my highschool and how that was the moment I knew I had chosen God for myself. My faith wasn’t dependent on my family or church. I told the kids that if they had never made the decision for themselves that God was real and that he was their God, we wanted to talk with them after. About five kids indicated they wanted to do that and we moved on and led them through a time of asking God what he thought about them. When the assembly was done, many gathered around us at the flagpole where we had indicated to meet.

I thought they just wanted to talk to the “white people”

and we started praying for them one by one. There were many who had made the decision to become a christian already and we spent time in prayer getting words of encouragement for them. We were surprised to find though that many that we asked weren’t from Christian homes and were making the decision to become a Christian for the first time. When asked why they were there, they said “I want to change my life today” and we would talk about what that meant. It was an amazing morning where each of us got to lead teens to know God as their saviour and where we could strengthen the faith of the ones who already believed.

Afterwards we found out that while the schools here are completely open to people proclaiming Jesus and discipleship, they rarely get visits like that and the teachers haven’t been too concerned with their faith. Many of the teens hadnt been asked that question before. We also assumed everyone came from Christian homes as the church has a strong influence in PNG, but we have since learned there are many who know of God but don’t know Him personally.

Praise God that some of this younger generation made that decision!

They are the hope of PNG for sure. The school was also woken up a bit to the need for discipleship and got names of students from us with the plan to follow up with them. Pray that these things grow strong in the schools and communities.

The team recently spent some time cleaning up a local beach.