How God Helped Us Board The Plane – Thailand DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on July 31, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

This is the first update from our April Justice & Mercy DTS outreach team currently in Thailand.

We experienced our first move of God in boarding our flight to Thailand. We were checking in at the Sydney airport when the airline staff noticed our plane tickets showed we would be staying in Thailand longer than our visas allowed. Since we had no proof we would be crossing any border before the visa expirations, they told us we would not be allowed on the plane. When the team heard this

we started praying and worshiping God in the middle of the airport.

There was no logical reason why we should have gotten on that plane, but our prayers were answered when they let us through without further questioning or interruption.

We had orientation in Bangkok for a few days and then traveled to Chiang Mai. One night, Amelia and Jocelyn went into the markets. Before they left, God gave Jocelyn a picture of a girl in a little red skirt. As the night progressed, they came across this baby girl in her red skirt. You could tell by her demeanor that

she had already been exposed to darkness in her very young age.

The team felt led to pray against any stronghold the enemy had on her life. They pressed in through intercession, led by the Holy Spirit to fight the spiritual battle over this one-year-old. As they prayed, the little one began to squirm uncontrollably, affirming the urgency of her need. Finally, her fitting subsided and they praised God for His victory in her freedom from demonic oppression. With Jesus’ name and glory now revealed to this child and her mother, they were free to walk away with the truth of God’s character forever imprinted on their hearts. God continues to reveal his glory everyday to the people of Thailand, and our team is privileged to take part in the building of His Kingdom here!