Follow Campaign – 60 Hours To Go!

By YWAM Newcastle on June 28, 2013 in News


Exciting news! Since our last email we have seen $8,690.00 pledged and donated!! Our totals are now up to:

Goal: $175,000.00
Received: $77,836.25
Needed: $97,163.75

Follow campaign funds will be directed to: 1st Stage final build and 2nd stage expansion. It’s critical that we reach our target, as this allows us to obtain plans and permits to expand our footprint, and prepare for future growth.

We are getting down to the wire, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen our target hit by the final day. Last year, 30th June 2012 was a great day. We’d just seen around $30k come in in the previous three days.
With our target of $95k cash we were at $88,500. With just hours to go I rang to thank a friend for a major gift. He rang back just five amazing minutes later, offering to give a further $6k. Wow, just $550 to go. At 7:30pm on the final night of the campaign, we were in Youth Street Live, still short of our target. So close, God is on the throne. In a room of a bunch of teenagers, amazing teenagers, should we take an offering? Yes we should. The final figure? Over $600. After 6 weeks, it was a bunch of our Youth Street teenagers that took us over the line. As always, its not the amount, its the level of sacrifice God honors.

This next build aims to double our 100 workers a year to 200 workers a year sent out from Newcastle. So, the money will be used solely to expand our capacity. We are lean, we are self-funded, no wages, salary, utilities included. Just expansion.

So every dollar is an “expand the footprint dollar”

God can do this. With now just 1,943 people each giving $50, we’ll be done.

Can I invite you to do one thing? If you haven’t yet had a chance to be part of the campaign, To ask God if he’d have you give. We’re grateful if the answer is yes, or if it is no.

We’ve seen $77,836.25 committed. Amazing. Let’s go to the end, Sunday night, June 30th, AEST. 60 hours to go!! The time when a campaign gets exciting!

To make a pledge or a donation to the Follow Campaign or know more about the campaign, click here.




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