Want To Break Something? 3 Days To Go!

By YWAM Newcastle on June 27, 2013 in News

Follow Campaign Final Week – Ends JUNE 30th


Yesterday I was privileged to have my friend John Marks, [CEO RhemaFM Newcastle], interview me over our local Christian radio. I’d like to share with you an edited version of these important moments as we are now just three days from the end of our campaign.


John: “Dave, what is one of the main problems YWAM is addressing?”
David : “the plight of aimless young people.”
John: “The Follow Campaign proceeds go toward developing property. How does that help the important work you do?”
David: “It breaks growth ceilings. A recent build broke a ten year cap on staff growth, where we increased in staff numbers by 30%. Put simply, it allows us to do more, help more people.”
John: “So the funds go directly to the programs you run?”
David: “Well, actually it’s better than that, our services are self-funded, the Follow Campaign goes to multiply the things we do, these funds go solely to make us bigger.

None of these funds go to: [though valid funding targets] pay wages

They are only to enlarge our footprint.

John: “So, Dave, in brief, what’s the future vision here in Newcastle, that YWAM Follow Campaign contributions go to build?”
David: We have over 1,000 centres in Ywam internationally. 50% of our training happens from just 40 of those centres. Newcastle is blessed to be one of those 40. The larger training centres pack a massive punch in multiplying missions, and they fire out a ‘whole lotta love. ‘ And every dollar donated is an ‘expand the footprint dollar.’ The campaign doesn’t pay the mortgage, it helps us to do more. ”

John: “So this campaign is important in terms of timing?”
David. “Just three days to go. In the last planning process we were delayed four years. We lacked early investment in that planning process. Your help now will move us across the line with efficiency and strength, meaning expansion now, not in five years time.”

Follow Totals so far:
Goal: $175,000.00
Received: $69,146.25
Needed: $105,853.75

3 DAYS LEFT!! If 2,000 people made a $50 pledge/donation in the next 3 days we will reach our target! Would you break ceilings with us?

To make a pledge or a donation to the Follow Campaign or know more about the campaign, click here.

Thanks so much for reading, for praying for us, and for believing God with us. We are so grateful for you!