Follow Campaign – Week 2!

By YWAM Newcastle on May 31, 2013 in News

Follow Campaign May 22 – June 30, 2013


Yesterday I had an amazing meeting with a very influential community leader. He wants to help YWAM, and I’ll share more on this soon. We discussed the next phases of building out our land for ministry increase.

This week’s letter starts with the campaign nitty gritty. We have a big target of $175k. It’s great to already have raised $34,123.00 so far, leaving $140,877.00 to go!

The warehouse looks amazing.
We’re so very close to finishing.
We’re keen to gain momentum THIS week, to get on track for the June 30th deadline.

We need your help to fire up the campaign.

Funding needed immediately:
1] To cross the line for our Occupancy Certificate
2] Needed Expansion for Current Growth

Here’s what your contributions will go towards:
Heating/cooling (we have very gracious staff, but some office spaces are unworkable)
Commercial kitchen – we’ll Invite the city
Cafe – welcomes city, youth, and parents
Apartments – the staff babies are coming now, literally!!
Skate park – attracts the community
Appealing exterior [streetscape] – draws the community in

If you’d like to pledge or donate now instead of waiting until closer to the 30th, we’re ready to receive your donation by clicking the link below.

Fire Up Follow

Follow Campaign thought for the week…

We grow up full of a sense of entitlement, society trains us to assert ourselves and stick up for ourselves, with the fuel of human nature that demands to be right. Our soul screams to be the authority on just about anything. In many ways, this word is the foundation of our faith – volunteering to submit our whole life to authority.

As a toddler in a high chair, Jonny is told to sit down three times. The third time he’s told he’ll get a smack if he doesn’t sit down. He sits down. But he’s still standing up on the inside. Much easier to comply than to submit.

The world rages against the authority of the universe. Becoming a Christian fundamentally resolves this issue of authority. Something breaks in us when we decide to follow him. Releasing child-likeness, vulnerability, and dependance. Traits that are very attractive to God.

Early on in my YWAM DTS, we were blessed to have a video message from our founder Loren Cunningham speaking a keystone message. It was on lordship, and was entitled “Relinquishing Rights.” Then followed an opportunity to give up rights and entitlements (not responsibilities).

Mission this week? To face our world with unencumbered, un-conflicted availability.

David Stephenson

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