Breaking through Language Barriers – Sports DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on May 30, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Hi from Venezuela!

Venezuela has been a remarkable experience for our team and to be able to see the fruit of God working in the lives of people around us as well as in our own individual lives. Our team had the opportunity to travel for a couple of days to serve and be apart of a missions conference.

We were able to encourage young missionaries to know more about what we were doing out here and how God was using us to spread His Word to people using sports.

While we were apart of the conference, we did street evangelism and watched a high school soccer championship game. The moment we arrived there our team split up.

Despite only having one translator, God was able to break through the language barrier.

Hannah and Nicoletta were able to use basic words to connect with a group of young soccer players. They had a thirty minute conversation using only hand motions and few spanish words. By the time the translator came, relationship and trust had been built, and the players were wanting to know more in depth about what our team was doing in Venezuela. Hannah and Nicoletta then preached the gospel, and lead the soccer team to Christ.

You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit amongst the players because they were all eager to accept Jesus in their heart for the first time.

It is incredible to see how God’s able to use every member of our team to speak to His people, and touch their lives through our own testimonies. It begins with having a willing heart to allow God to use you in the most random circumstances. God gets all the glory in those situations, because we need His guidance in these moments to be effective.

The Sports DTS Outreach Team