Raising Kids in the Love of the Saviour – East Timor DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on May 23, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

It seems strange to me, but sometimes we look forward to heartbreak, and thats exactly what happened as we walked into a local orphanage. It wasn’t anything we had imagined, yet at the same time it was.

The bright faces of these kids peered at us from around corners as the ‘Mother’ of the orphanage told us her story.

She was among a group of catholics to welcome some of the first Protestant missionaries of modern times. Her younger brother is the President of Timor Leste, and her husband is in charge of all the electricity that runs throughout the country. This was a woman surrounded by power and influence, but she was as humble as they come. The orphanage was forced to close in 2006 because of the Civil war that tore apart the country. It became an abandoned building from which people stole all its contents. But with its reopening in 2009, came many blessings.

It’s a Holy Spirit filled place, with a woman in charge who’s main goal is raising these kids in the love of her Saviour.

We had the privilege to hear God for her, then play and dance with the kids.

It’s great moments like these that fuel world changing lives. We need to hear more stories like hers. Heroes of the faith that join the list in Hebrews 11.