A Gift That Keeps On Giving – East Timor DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on May 14, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

We had been teaching twice a day at the public school for over a week when something clicked in Peter who is one of the students on on our team.

He had something to give this community that they couldn’t get without him.

In his former student years Peter had spent a large portion of time learning how to use the computer program Excel.

One of the afternoons he sat down with a student to teach him the basics and the more he taught, the more students crowded around him. This was then followed by the teachers and the director of the school. They were transfixed on what this finnish man was doing on the computer. The next day Peter decided to teach the teachers. He sat for most of the day going point by point through things these teachers had never dreamed of doing with a computer. They reviewed it the next day, and then Peter left the teachers to teach the students. Two days later the director sat both of us down to write certificates for the students who had completed the basic course. But how they wanted to word it in English they could not do without a Malae (Tetun for white person). So I sat down and wrote out a pretty basic certificate,

but the look in the directors eyes was as if I had rebuilt his whole school out of gold.

With a few hours of work we had given them something they could continue giving this community for years after.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is that God hasn’t given up on us. He didn’t give us salvation only. He disciples us to live life great. Our last night we got to affirm the local pastor and his wife, and we left after praying for the family that kept us fed. The kingdom of heaven leaves things better then when they came.

Jeremy Barry Randall
DTS Outreach Team Leader