A Passing Traveller – YWAM DTS Cambodia Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on May 2, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Featured, Outreach

“I thank God because I met you … you changed my trip, and my life.”

This is a quote from a young French woman our team ran into at a frozen yoghurt shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. After meeting Cookie and Andrew she came to dinner with us and continued to hang out with our group throughout the following weeks. God was able to use one passing moment to build relationships that would change this girl’s life forever. As I built a relationship with her I was amazed at how quickly she began to open up and ask questions about God and what I do. She accompanied us to our ministry at the school on Sunday evening and joined in enthusiastically. During the ministry time, Elan shared a message on God’s never-ending love which was then followed by a prayer and application time. Our friend heard from God and she started to open up her heart through conversations with us. She shared her own revelations which were an incredible blessing for us. On her last night in Cambodia, Susanne and I were able to share with her for about 3 hours. We were able to share what God had done in our own lives and she was more than willing to share her own story. She knew God brought us together to show her that following him was the best path. She explained how back home her mother had been praying that God would bring the right people to her in Asia. She had recently started praying to God herself, as she was wanting to know more about Him.

God bringing our team to her was a “life-changing sign”.

She is now planning to come visit us in Newcastle, Australia and mission build this spring after she is finished with her studies. A big lesson our team learned was that we are to make the most of every moment, and to not take any opportunity for granted.

God is always waiting to bring you to someone who’s life is ready to be changed.

Emily Betts Sports DTS Student