Kids Hearing God – Outback Australia Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on April 18, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

A testimony from our January Summer Classic DTS outreach team in Cunnamulla, Australia.

Our week in Cunnamulla was filled with softball, football, swimming, scooting, go-kart church, a movie night, a bullying seminar and a lot of stories. Though out of all of that a stand out moment happened before the movie night began.

I have a tattoo on my right calf that reads “$7?”. It has a long and beautiful story attached to it but when I was in Cunnamulla last year God told me to use it as a walkie-talkie to Him. The kids could ask me a question and I would ask God and so on. So this time I walked into this group of young people and I begin to hear them say “woah, does your walkie-talkie to God still work? Cause I want to use it”. I then sat down and a girl looks me in the eye and says

‘What does God think of me?’

It was a question we would hear multiple times in the next hour, and a question that resides in the hearts of so many – ‘What does our father think of us?’. We started asking God and getting some exciting answers. In the midst of the excitement I decided to go up a notch. Passing the buck somewhat. These kids can hear God just as good as me, so together, me and one of them asked God about one of the girls. – She is a story teller, and God loves it when she tells stories. We were able to sow a seed. God speaks and enjoys the company of these young people who don’t seem to have any dreams, don’t seem to see their own worth, but when God speaks their eyes get huge. As if to say,

“He thinks that about me?”.

We were surrounded by these young people all the way up to our door most days. Sometimes they would sit in the dirt of the driveway with us swapping stories and laughing about hot milo. The kingdom of God is like these young people excitedly hanging out with their Dad. Even if it is simply walking through the streets laughing with Him and His people.

Jeremy Barry Randall
Summer Classic DTS Staff

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