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By YWAM Newcastle on April 17, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Featured, Outreach

On Monday, Khmer’s New Year’s day, our team headed over to the riverside. As Elan, Susanne and I were walking around the shops and restaurants we were praying for God to bring us to someone who needed his love. I suddenly felt God pointing me to a homeless woman seated on the ground. The three of us approached her and I asked if she spoke English, which she did not. My first instinct was that I had probably heard God wrong, but out of nowhere a young Khmer girl walked up to us and began translating. I told her to ask the woman if she needed prayer for anything. After first refusing she said yes and told us how she had been hit by a motorcycle and was in a lot of pain. We laid hands on her and began praying over her scars. After a few minutes she began to tell the girl

she could feel the pain going away.

She asked for us to keep putting our hands on her leg because when we were touching her the pain lessened. We continued to pray over her as we explained what God was doing for her and how much He loved her. The woman responded by saying she had not been able to walk before but felt so much stronger now that she was sure she would be able to. This then opened up an amazing conversation with the girl who had so kindly translated for us. She grew up in a Buddhist family but had a Christian friend and had always respected Christian’s “opened mindedness and kindness”. She engaged in an amazing conversation about God’s plan and value for her life and allowed us to pray for her. She will hopefully be accompanying us to church this week.

We are all so thankful to have been used by God in such a miraculous way.

Not only did he heal someone in pain, but drew a crowd to us and allowed so many to witness His love and healing and possibly change another young girl’s life forever. I am continually amazed by the power of prayer and God’s eagerness to lead us when we are open. Thank you for keeping us and Cambodia in your prayers… they’re working:)

By Emily Betts
Sports DTS Student

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