A Week With Ascend The Hill

We recently had an amazing opportunity to host an incredible musical group from Tampa, Florida here at YWAM Newcastle. Ascend the Hill stopped through our centre for about 5 days during their first ever Australian tour. They immediately joined our community and imparted into our weekly youth service Youth Street Live. Lead singer, Joel Davis, spoke to our Youth Street crew out of our current theme of Faith to wrap up this quarter. The band also played a few songs after Joel spoke and it was incredible time of worship for our extended community.

There were many highlights from their time with us and their time imparting into the city. One of them was with our friends at Church180 who hosted them for a city wide worship event. A ton of our staff and students got to participate in what was a beautiful and rather significant time of worship in the city with the whole body of Christ in Newcastle. The band was also able to join us for our weekly tuesday morning worship as a community as well as run a city wide worship leaders Q&A forum and discussion in our warehouse. This gathering was massively significant in many ways on foundations of worship as well as being true to who God has called us to be as musicians and worshippers.They then finished their time with us by playing at St. Philips’ senior school chapel before driving up the coast to be one of the headline artists at Easterfest this year.

Opportunities to partner like this with passionate, like minded and missional people are such a privilege.

Our staff and students have highly appreciated the ministry of Ascend the Hill for many years now, and having them come here and rub shoulders with us in such an intimate and real way was such an encouraging and memorable experience.
By Stevie Lujan

All of Ascend The Hill’s music is free to download at COMEANDLIVE.com