Immersed In Mexico – DTS Outreach Update

By YWAM Newcastle on March 7, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Our outreach team recently spent 12 days living in Zapotec villages in the mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico.

We lived with the locals and like the locals

, we ate what they ate, we worked how they worked and we went to the toilet like they go to the toilet. It was an amazing experience just to see the difference between the way I live in the first world compared to the way they live in the third world.

The most difficult thing for me personally was the language barrier. I was discouraged at the start of our time there because I kept thinking “How can I help them when I can’t even speak to them?”. But I didn’t let those thoughts stop me from giving my all. I would help them with their work and even when they would say I could stop I would just go and find something else to help with.

I would show God’s love through my actions.

I also stayed strong with doing quiet times and reading my bible everyday. I was staying with a Christian family, but one thing I noticed when I first got there was that they didn’t read their Bible; I didn’t even see a Bible. But one night a few days before we left, I was reading my Bible, like I had every other night, and then I saw the father walk into the room, he looked at me then went over to a shelf and pulled out his Bible. It was covered in dust, but he wiped it off and sat in a corner and started reading his Bible too. I felt so happy that while I might not be able to speak to them I can still be an example of living for Christ.

We made a change in those families lives that we haven’t seen yet and might never see, but I have faith that there was a reason why we went to that village and those homes and that God is still working in the peoples lives now through our steadfastness.

by Lauryn Gascoyne