Loud Music & Flashing Lights | Thailand Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on March 5, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Loud music, Flashing lights, Deception in the air.

This is the atmosphere we face when we enter the red light district. Putting on the armour of God and equipping ourselves in prayer is a must before we go out to connect. Making this a routine has resulted in many powerful relationships and amazing works of God.

One example of this is the relationship two of our team-mates have built with 2 workers at a bar that God specifically highlighted to them. They are always full of life and fun to be around,

covering up the reality of their careers.

Members of our team have made it a priority to instill the LOVE of our Father into their lives and show them their worth.

After many nights of leaving feeling like they had gotten nowhere, with sharing the truth of God, they have finally seen breakthrough. It started off as just a night of playing pool and getting makeovers by their new friends, but turned into a night where they finally went deep. They were able to speak about God for longer than a second and in the end pray for them! Which they had yet to do up to this point. It was an atmosphere changing moment because after they prayed,

the worker’s attitude immediately changed,

they were more interested in the conversation and not distracted by the things going on around them. They seemed to become more vulnerable and started putting on less of an act with us.

It was so different to end the night on such a high, then the low that has been felt so many other nights. It is so evident that God is moving in this place.

by Natasha Piersma