Buses & Orphans | Bangladesh Outreach Update

By YWAM Newcastle on February 26, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Hey everyone! It’s crazy to think that we have only two weeks left of our time here in Bangladesh!

To travel to the ministries that we are working with we usually have to sit jam packed in a mosquito filled public bus for around 3 hours a day. With so much time spent on this type of transport it can become easy to get used to the nonchalant sitting and just chilling. A few weeks ago we started to realize that while sitting in one place God could use us in a rather significant way! We asked Him to work through us and we became more available and more approachable. Our conversations with the people on the bus began to flourish and our eyes were opened more to the lost. Since then we’ve had many opportunities to tell people about Jesus and to pray over them.

A few days ago we encountered this street boy who was about 10 years old.

He was covered in dirt and his eyes looked void of any hope.

We took notice of him as he came up to us asking for food and as a result we smiled at him and bought him some local curry chicken puffs. We gave him a smiley sticker and a bracelet we had made and then piled his hands with candy. He smiled and we saw that he had a limp, we motioned to him asking him if we could pray for him. As we were praying he began to cry.

Who knows the last time this boy was shown love or attention.

Things like giving out stickers & candy, asking how a persons day is going or just encouraging someone is something that takes just a couple of minutes but can make a mark on a persons memory for the rest of their life!

Sometimes it feels like a bit of a bumpy road but doing these things for the lost brings so much happiness and hope to them! Could it be possible that they see the face of Christ when they look at us? I think so.

Marley Babcock
Bangladesh Team