Moving Forward | A Letter From Our Director

By YWAM Newcastle on February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just an hour ago I was sitting in an airport cafe with my sister Jane, a family friend, and a stranger, a young man named Tony. He was a hero of the Christchurch earthquake, and in the city on a memorial visit. He was traumatised and…crying, crying, crying. We spent time praying for him, and talked about the Father, he was lapping it up. Open, so open. And said so. An amazing appointment from God! These moments highlight the unsophisticated, crucial, business end of what we do. Right now happening on outreaches in Moldova, Bangladesh, Thailand, Fiji, and Mexico (see some updates below). We’re about multiplying followers of Jesus. And expanding our capacity do so. From the current 80 plus a year to several hundred a year.

God’s moving forward. Last year with our “Believe” campaign we saw God do miracles through finances followed by staggering building progress. Now it is time to complete the job and move into phase 2.

The Disciples tasted and had seen what Jesus did, they believed, and then they followed him. Radically. So, the theme this year for us is (drumroll)…….


(Def: Moving behind someone in the same direction)

“Follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men”

These themes aren’t just a cool branding process. They come from The Lord, with prayer and searching, are progressive from year to year, and are offered to you – our whole community for reflection and inspiration. Last year many had their own personal “believe” campaign inspired by the YWAM campaign, now I’d like to invite you to radically follow Jesus with us this year.

David said; “My soul follows hard after you O Lord”.
Following Jesus into a lifestyle of radical obedience.

Following Jesus requires;
Submission of heart
Devoted Action

In 10 days the building team will arrive for the final stage of phase 1. I’ll send a single letter on this matter TOMORROW seeking materials. One letter, high stakes. Please pray, give, come!

We will need to see about 20k come in this week to purchase the needed materials for these arriving teams. This amount will finish the current stage of warehouse development.

Thanks for your efforts, your gifts, and prayers – and whatever you’re doing with the Lord that has nothing to do with us in YWAM! You’re dear to him.

With you in the greatest cause!

Heres the event overview of the major components of “Follow” this year:

-February 21st 1x letter appeal.
-1st ever YWAM Newcastle 100 Hole Golf marathon on March 18th

-6 week June mail campaign.

-Annual Dessert Banquet event on June 20th

-1st ever YWAM Newcastle Fun Run (Date TBD)