A Miracle Revealed | Compassion DTS Outreach

Greetings from Riga, Latvia!

Our team has finished our five-day adventure in Ventspils and has arrived safely back to Riga. God did incredible things during our time in Ventspils. He stretched us, challenged us, and gave us more of His heart for the people of the city. He continued to stretch us in prayer and proved to us that nothing is too big for Him.

During our time in Ventspils, our team had the opportunity to visit an old folks home a couple of times. On our first visit to this home, our team was able to play worship for all of the residents and pray for them. One of our team members, Manuela, had an opportunity to pray for an elderly woman who was having trouble with her vision. As Manuela placed her hands on this woman’s eyes, she asked for God’s complete healing. Our team came back to this same home a couple days later, and we were able to do the same ministry. Before we began praying for the residents the same woman Manuela had prayed for a couple days ago started speaking to us. She was explaining that

after Manuela had prayed for her that she was healed from pain in her arm and her vision was much clearer!

She exclaimed in full confidence, “I believe God sent you to me!” A miracle had taken place a couple days ago and we hadn’t even known about it!!

We may not have spoken the same language, understood their culture, or known their name, but God showed us in Ventspils that

there are no limits to what He can do.

He continues to show us that He has NOT forgotten about His children in Latvia, but that He cherishes them and loves them so much!