Worshipping Outside A Jail – Mexico Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on February 6, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

This is the latest outreach update from our Summer Classic DTS outreach teams that is in Mexico:

In Los Reyes, Mexico City, we have seen God work very powerfully again and again. This week, our outreach team has done a lot of evangelism, ministered in many churches, gave testimonies, taught and preached. As a team we have had a lot of sickness, and had some physical discomfort. Each member that has become sick has pushed through it for God, longing to not be held back by sickness but to press on to what God has for us. Because of it, God has used us in our perseverance; as we prove our desire and longing to serve and love God, He proves Himself to us by working powerfully.

Of the many times that God worked powerfully, there was one time I did not expect. We were out evangelizing at a jail. Just outside the entrance, we were singing and playing guitar, speaking to people and praying for them, and we even did a skit on the crowded sidewalk. Although we did witness a salvation that day, what I did not expect was that some people that we were able to help were already Christians. Many of them had visited family in the jail and were very distraught and in tears, being deeply upset that members of their family were not living for God and were living, or rather just surviving, in jail.

As they would come out of the jail and hear worship music

they would come to us. God’s presence was unexpectedly strong and wonderfully welcome, as God worked through us to console, comfort, hug, and pray for these strained people of God and their family in need of Him. We would say goodbye to one person, begin to sing again, only to immediately find another individual ready for prayer. Despite tears on their faces, I could see underlying hope and expectation of God’s comfort and saturating peace as they would hear and come to the sound of worship. Altogether unanticipated, but

beautifully planned by God.

This is just what happened in a single afternoon; I was disappointed that it went by so quickly. It seemed like the hours lost some of their minutes. Each day God works powerfully and sometimes miraculously as well. It is so sweet to see, experience, and be a part of. Just like a child not wanting to stop eating lollies, the sweetness always leaves you wanting more. Yet unlike the sticky-faced child, in divine beauty we are thoroughly and completely satisfied.

God is truly good.

by Daniel Scully.