Partnering With Emmi’s Impossible Story | Ministry Spotlight

By YWAM Newcastle on February 1, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

One of our Compassion DTS outreach team’s is currently in Thailand working with this incredible ministry:

Our team has the honour and privilege to be working with Emmi, the founder of ‘Lighthouse in Action’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Emmi’s story seemed impossible, but there are no limits to what God can do!
She was the firstborn child, and because a firstborn always should be a boy, (according to the witch doctor in town) her mum and dad believed that Emmi was a curse upon her family. Straight from birth everyone she knew rejected her; she was raised to believe there was no place for her on this earth!

When Emmi was a young girl, her dad came home one day only to see another man in the house. He immediately assumed his wife was committing adultery, so he kicked the man out of his house and chased after him. He returned home later, and in his anger, he killed his wife. Later he found out this visitor was an old family member of his wife. He grieved over what he had done and turned himself in!

Emmi was now all alone…

Her life, already having seemed hopeless, hit rock bottom at this time. She went through some different stages in life and eventually ended up in an orphanage, where she was mentored by a Christian lady for many years; in the end this lady was able to get through to Emmi and after a while Emmi gave her life to Jesus!

Emmi started to understand that through God you can do anything. She started to discover the gifting’s and talents that God has placed in her and she is constantly challenging herself to be more effective by using them in the most powerful way. She was even able to forgive her father!

It’s amazing to see with our own eyes what this lady has been able to build up at such young age, and how impacting her life is for the Kingdom of God. We are staying at one of her properties; a big house in the city of Chiang Mai, with a beautiful and large café at the first and second floor! She host many different outreach teams year round that come to Chiang Mai to reach out to the men, ladies, lady-boys and children in the red light district, to the students at the university next door, and to the families living in the mountains.

‘We can do all things through Him who strengthens us,’

says Paul and Timothy in Philippians 4:13; ALL things- including finding our worth in Christ, using our stories to help others, and even forgiving an offense that seems unforgivable.

Check out more about the Lighthouse In Action ministry on the YWAM Thailand Web Site.
You can also watch Emmi tell her own story in this video: