Two Students Needing Two Miracles | Compassion DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on January 24, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Latest outreach update from one of our Compassion DTS outreach teams.

Bags are packed, tickets are booked, and we are off to the second part of our outreach, Chiang Mai, Thailand! We started off in Brewarrina, NSW, working and building relationships in a very small aboriginal town. We saw God do many miracles and change heaps of lives, but not without a few obstacles.

It started off before we even left for outreach; Kiki realised that her passport needed to be updated before leaving the country. She was told that

there was no way her new passport would be ready in time for her to fly with the team to Thailand.

Then came the next obstacle. It happened to involve a game of baseball, about 30 local kids, and Natasha. During the game she got smashed in her eye. That required stitches and a CT scan after which she was told that flying with the team would not be an option. That now

left us with two of our team who cannot leave the country.

Flash forward a week; we are back in Newcastle and Natasha and Kiki head to Sydney so that Natasha can see a specialist about surgery. Each doctor they visited would send them to another doctor who would give them a different opinion. They would differ on whether surgery was needed though they were all saying she couldn’t fly. During this time our team is continuing to pray for a miracle. Little did we know that throughout the day the swelling around her eye was going down, and her eye was beginning to open up! So much so that the final specialist told her that she could fly and there was no damage to her eye! They were all shocked at the progress of the healing… It should’ve taken 4-6 weeks to heal as much as it already had in 4 days!

That was not enough though. We still needed one more miracle.

While they were still in Sydney they received a call telling them that Kiki’s passport was at the Canadian Embassy in Sydney ready to be picked up! Kiki had only gone along to Sydney that day as moral support to Natasha, but

God had absolutely impeccable timing

and everything worked out perfectly!

When they returned home that night there was excitement in the air as our team gathered around these two beautiful girls, thanking God and celebrating for the miracles that we had experienced. I couldn’t help but feel so overwhelmed with the greatness of our God. Why do we stress, worry, and fret over things like a passport and a fractured eye? The God of the universe is our Heavenly Father who loves us and cares so deeply about every part of our lives. I know that

our team’s faith has skyrocketed after the miracles we have witnessed this week.

Thank you Lord that we can trust completely in You!