Outreach to the Australian Outback | YWAM Video

By YWAM Newcastle on August 22, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

The April DTS outreach team spent two weeks in an incredibly rural area in Western Queensland – one of the last towns before the vastness of the Australian desert. The spent their time working with the youth of the community – youth so hurting, so addicted, so broken that the term ‘far gone’ seems easy to apply to them. The DTS students that ventured out there had no idea what to expect, but they were shocked at Gods incredibly capacity to restore and reveal himself to even those that seemed broken beyond belief. This is a perspective from one of the students, Chelsea Kopp;

We sat in an oval with three girls, all under twelve, and got them interested in God’s precious voice. We waited on Him and He spoke so clearly I had to ask Him to slow down. Yet after a moment of listening silently, all that came to Teesha’s mind was that her life is ‘wrecked’. Wrecked: exhausted, done, drunk. What’s wrecked? Her life, her family, her. A whole person, wrecked. And the silence taunts it even louder.

One day at school, she got into a fight with a boy called Robert. They blurted out harsh insults that sink deep into the roots of their families, burdens too heavy to carry in children too young to know any better. Bitterness in flames. She punched him in the face and her fist swelled too large to close.

Our boasting in God’s healing forced us reluctantly into a corner. She punched a kid in the face, she deserved to have her hand hurt. Maybe it’ll teach her somethin’. I prayed anyway. A nervous, faithless prayer.

Three words later, in Jesus’ name, and she was crying. The swelling trembled to inexistence and she was healed. Grace like that is ineffable. God’s power and beauty and divinity and mercy and perfection is entirely undeserved and convictingly alive.

He healed seven others that night and the next day (after detention) Teesha accepted Christ into her life. God’s work is beautiful and even more so amplified when it’s unexpected. God doesn’t need his kids to have faith, he doesn’t need us at all. He simply and purely and humbly expresses it anyway.

This short video is but a glimpse of what God did during the two weeks the team was there. The Australian outback is just one place that we send teams – often teams will spent a week or two in the outback before heading overseas to a second location. Coming to Australia to do a DTS is amazing – but what if you could also be apart of a ripple of God’s love crossing the nation through these outreaches?

Be challenged by this video. Don’t let it slide past you. If God is calling you to Australia to do a DTS – he might be also calling you to this as well.


Creative Communications Staff
YWAM Newcastle