Outreach to the Australian Outback – Teaser Video

By YWAM Newcastle on July 19, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Recently the April DTS went out the the depths of the outback for two weeks to do outreach with the local Aboriginal community. I was asked to join them, purely to film and capture what God was doing among the community. While I was there we saw almost a dozen salvations and a heap of young people healed from physical and emotional problems. The indigenous communities in Australia are incredibly remote(we travelled 14 hours!), unreached and entrenched in alcoholism, divorce, and a huge sense of hopelessness. We were able to see some of Australia’s most broken and rejected kids raise their hand when we asked them if they were ‘desperate for God’.


I saw God’s hand move so heavily among this DTS team – not only do they all individually have a huge passion to serve, but each student went far far beyond the expectations of outreach, their hearts desiring to pray, worship and commit the town and it’s people to Him.


This video is just a little preview of more to come – watch out soon for the full length video that will give you a huge taste of what outreach in the outback looks like!


Susanna Smith
Creative Department Staff
YWAM Newcastle