Thailand Team Weeks 5 & 6 – YWAM DTS

By YWAM Newcastle on May 19, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

We just finished week 6 of outreach. Can’t believe how fast it’s gone, but that usually means it’s been a good one! And it has been! Week 5 and 6 were really awesome. Our students have been teaching English to the Chiang Mai University students and a few other universities as well at The Centre English school. Every student is teaching two classes with about 4-6 per class. Before and after class is usually spent hanging out outside of The Centre with their students and also a few days a week handing out fliers in the university about The Centre. The students are getting to share the love of Jesus through their interest in the students as people and have also had a few opportunities to share Jesus verbally with them! Thailand as you know isn’t necessarily an easy place to share the gospel openly. Sometimes they don’t understand it because they believe there is no such thing as sin so trying to explain Jesus, an innocent, blameless man dying on the cross for our sins certainly doesn’t appeal to them. The Thai students are really searching at this time of their lives and want to know what’s real. The uni age is the perfect time to speak the truth into their lives, and we have taken many opportunities to share about God. The harvest is ripe here but they need more workers in Thailand. We have met many teams that have come through here doing missions work, which is really encouraging to see.

We met an Irish guy named Malachy. He works at a university we did an English camp with. He just had a newborn son with his Thai girlfriend of one year. He ran the camp but is not a Christian. He took us out to dinner one night to thank us for helping at the camp. Scott really loves eating as a family at dinner times and holding hands to pray (very deliberate on Scott’s part this time), and so we did that and he held hands with us. We told him he was a part of our family that night. It was so cool how God used that, our meal time and the time we spent with him earlier that week at the English camp to make him so curious about God. He called Scott Saturday night and asked how he could get to church! He showed up at church and loved it. He wants to come again! We got him connected with some of the church members so he feels more comfortable. We are so excited to see what God does with him!

The students are all doing great and are really putting so much effort into their lessons and to spending time outside of class connecting with their Thai students! Everyone is loving the ministry here! During weekends we are getting to go to villages to teach bible stories. Also some of us got to help with a church service Thursday night and share testimonies and praise with them. This weekend we are teaching a Sunday school class at the church one of our Thai contacts attends, and then we are heading out to a village to teach kids English and some bible stories. Please pray that God opens the doors for the parents to trust our Thai contacts and all the foreigners and English teachers that want to help them!

Thanks so much for your prayers! We are going to be traveling to Phuket on the 28th and 29th of May and would love you to be praying for our team and for wisdom for us leading them into this prostitute ministry that will be pretty intense.

Love you guys! Thank heaps!
Scott, Tina and the Thailand Outreach Team