Update from Nepal/India Team – YWAM DTS

By YWAM Newcastle on May 6, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

228350_10150181613807908_502402907_6839565_6748925_n1 The Outdoors DTS has just arrived here in Darjeeling, India a few days ago after such an amazing time in Nepal. I want to backup a bit and share with you some of the things God has been doing within the last couple weeks. We have spent the last two weeks in a village called Ilam. We stayed at a very tiny base that consisted of maybe 8 staff, mostly families. Their mission at this base is to educate children from the village and church planting. Church planting for them is going out door to door in the surrounding villages (some minutes away, some hours away) telling people about Jesus, making more believers, discipling these people and starting churches in farther out areas. We, as an outreach team had the opportunity to jump in and help them reach more! In our mornings we taught English in their school to the village children (grades 1-8). Turns out all of these Outdoors DTS students are pretty amazing teachers!

In our afternoons, we headed out for village evangelism. Some days we went and prayed for the sick, some days we climbed to the top of a mountain and did intercession for the people of Nepal, and then some and most of our days we trekked to near villages and went door to door doing evangelism. Each of us spoke to families about who the one and only God is and shared the love of God with them in such different ways – through the gospel message, through testimony, and ultimately through being led by the Holy Spirit with what these Nepali people needed to hear. Two families gave their lives to Jesus this week, and we know many more seeds have been planted!

This past week, we trekked out about 4 hours to another village where we were staying overnight to do ministry. When we got there, we immediately started talking to the people. We ended up gathering over 75 people into the centre of the village. Josh and Mark gave the gospel message to a group of 40 to 50 men and young guys, as Erin and Riina gave the gospel message to a group of 40 to 50 women and children a few feet away in the same centre! After they were all done giving the gospel message, there was time for questions with the people where we found out none of these people had ever heard of Jesus. All of these people were invited to a church service we were running the next morning there in the village, and we gave out bibles and tracks telling them more about Jesus!

We just arrived in Darjeeling on Monday after taking yet again another interesting bus ride. This ride was a bit shorter than the last though! A 26-hour bus ride reduced to 10! We got in and immediately started building relationships with the YWAM base here. We started with orientation and a scavenger hunt to familiarize ourselves with the town on Tuesday, then began ministry on Wednesday! We began with visiting a Tuberculosis Hospital, to talk with the patients and pray with them. If you are not aware, here in India today, two deaths occur every three minutes from tuberculosis (TB). TB is preventable with vaccines and medicine like majority of westerners are given these days. There were several young people in the hospital that we got to pray for and talk to. God really gave us a heart for these infected people. Today, the team went to a local grade school as well as the Deaf school of Darjeeling and put on programs and hung out with the kids. We have so much more ministry planned here in Darjeeling! Monday we leave for village ministry, as well as the Outdoors DTS school leader, Jesse Lee, reunites with the team! We are stoked to have him here with us joining in ministry!

After seeing healings happen, families come to Jesus, childrens programs, hospital prayer, door to door as well as open evangelism in the center of villages, we have come to a close with our first part of outreach and onto more of our next adventure here in India. We have some amazing things we get the opportunity to be apart of here! Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayer!
From India!
Evelyn & Team!