Thailand Outreach Team Week One!!

By YWAM Newcastle on April 15, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Week One!!

We’re in Thailand! After a smooth, rather comfortable, and thankfully uneventful journey, we arrived in Bangkok, Thailand. We were greeted by a friendly Bangkok YWAM staff called Max that took us to the YWAM base. While in Bangkok for two days, we experienced authentic Thai food, language barriers, riding in open back pick-up trucks, and many Buddhist temples. We caught a midnight bus and headed North to Mae Sot, Thailand.

We’ll be here in Mae Sot for three weeks helping lead a mini-DTS for Karen-Burmese refugees. We are staying in bamboo huts and teaching in an open classroom. The students speak little to no English, yet we still feel so loved by them. They are all here to learn about God, yet we seem to be learning a lot from them, including how to use a squatty potty and sitting on the floor for meals. We’ve been taking turns leading worship, intercession, ministry time and teaching for three days of lectures on the mini-DTS. During our free time, we’ve been able to get to know them and their culture through playing sports, painting nails, playing cards, celebrating birthdays, going to church or strumming guitar with them.

We are all learning to push our taste buds to extreme measures as we familiarize ourselves with the spices here. God is moving amongst the Karen students here and their enthusiasm to know God more is contagious!

Scott Berry
Thailand Outreach Team Leader