Interview w/Creative DTS Leader

By YWAM Newcastle on March 2, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools, Training


Interview with Emily Roberts, Creative DTS Leader

By Ashley Kinney
Dance. Music. Painting. Photography. Drama. Creativity abounds as Creative DTS Leader, Emily Roberts, dreams about this upcoming July school. I sat down and chatted with Emily about the DTS. Read below to find out more about this exciting opportunity for you to be a part of our first ever Creative DTS!

Ashley: How’s it going Emily?
Emily: Awesome!

A: Great! Well I’m pretty stoked that we’re going to have this school, and I’d love to ask you a few questions about it. What’s your vision for this school?
E: Well the vision for the Creative DTS, just like the vision for any DTS, is about making disciples, followers of Jesus Christ, and seeing people pulled out of the ordinary and going full-on for what God has for them. The vision for the Creative DTS is that it’s for people who want to do that, who want to make disciples for Jesus and share and reach the nation using things like art, music, dance, drama and so on.

A: That sounds like a great school! Who is it for?
E: The school is for absolutely anyone who wants to get involved in missions and wants to serve God using the arts or using creativity.

A: Is there an age limit for the school? Is it the same as other DTS’s?
E: Yes – it’s the same as every other DTS. [DTS students are between the ages of 18-30]

A: What sets this school apart from a Classic DTS?
E: Well basically we are going to be doing all the same things as a classic DTS but everything we do is going to have a spin on it, a creative flair. So we’re going to have the same lectures as everyone else. We’re going to have topics like hearing God’s voice, the fatherheart of God, and relationships but the people that are coming in to speak on these topics are people that have backgrounds using the arts in missions. They’re bringing that flavour into what they’re sharing with the students – their experiences, their stories and what God’s taught them – they’re all going to be bringing that flavour in. As well, not only what we’re receiving but also what we’re giving out is going to be through the form of creativity so we’re going to be doing evangelism in the form of open mic nights and dramas and art.

A: So do you know where your school is going to go on outreach yet or do you have a vision for it?
E: The locations are yet to be determined but I’m really hoping that while the focus of the school is very general and broad and there’s so many aspects of creative arts involved, I’m hoping that the outreach teams will be a little bit more specifically focused. I would love to send out a team that’s basically just a band, and I would love to send out a performing arts team and a media team or fine arts team, and you know, how many teams we have depends on how many students come but I would love to see teams that are focused on different areas of the arts and are ready to just full-on go for it serving God using the things that they’re passionate about.

A: Sweet! So what kind of creative arts are you inclined to personally?
E: Well I do tiny little bits of a lot of things, but I’m generally an outside-of-the-box thinker so whether that be through song writing or painting or drama or whatever, I do like to do things differently and innovatively and I want to try to apply that to how I lead the school.

A: That’s awesome! So what if someone is interested in the Creative DTS but they have no experience really with creative arts or any kind of art form…can they still come?
E: Absolutely they should come because this is a Discipleship Training School first and a Creative school second. We’re not looking for seasoned artists or even seasoned Christians necessarily. We’re just looking for people who want to learn and want to grow, both in learning how to really live for God and getting to know Him better and in using the arts better. And there will also be opportunities for workshops and growing in your gifts and obviously the best learning tool of all which is actually just stepping out and using them for God.

A: Great! So when is this school happening?
E: July 5, 2011

A: That’s pretty close. So is there a cut-off date for when you can apply for the school?
E: Yep. We stop accepting applications about 2-3 weeks before.

A: Oh sweet. So that’s heaps of time!
E: Yep, heaps of time for sure!

This is going to be an incredible school running this July through December. For more information, you can click here or email [email protected]

Hope to see you this July!!!