YWAM Outdoors DTS Rocks On

By YWAM Newcastle on February 18, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools

This week was a really interesting, crazy and full-on week.
The topic of the lectures was fear of the Lord, and our speaker was Matt Dawson, who is pretty much family here in YWAM Newcastle. Fear of the Lord is an interesting subject, it basically means respecting (fearing) God over every other thing. We heard Matt’s testimony and saw what a life based on fearing the Lord looked like, and then delved into what it means for us. Part of that meant giving areas of our life over to God, so that we were holding nothing back from all that God has planned and wants for us. Its one of the hardest and yet best and most amazing things we can do.

Part of the reason our week was so crazy was because we had a lot of personal things happening in the midst of it all. Some of us had stuff back home that made us really need to run to God in trust and faith and know that He is good. But also we had our final two students arrive! We had been praying and believing intensely for them to get here, so we were pretty excited when they arrived. However, we quickly found out, they weren’t really ready for DTS, and didn’t really know what they were getting into and weren’t very excited to be here. There was also some personal things going on with them. All of this meant that we had a hard time in letting them go, and trusting God that in the midst of their brokenness He would meet them and that the short time we had we made an influence. So they left the school after about a week.

Also, on Saturday we ran our Karuah free family day!!
It went really well. We had amazing weather, and were really were able to bless the community. We had live music, we had speed drumming and throwing competitions all day, face painting, sand sculpting, free skate, skate competitions and more. We also helped the local churches with the sausage sizzle and other activities and food they had. we were able to bless the whole city in the name of Jesus and show them in a simple anc practical way that God loves them.

We have a couple prayer needs if you are able to pray for us.
For God to continue to teach, impart and change the hearts of the students and draw them more and more to themselves.
Next week we give our van back to the Adelaide YWAM base, and we need transportation for the next 6 weeks.

That’s our week! Its been crazy and exciting and God has been with us the whole time.
Till next week!

Love Jesse, Mark, Evie, Erin, Riina and Josh. The Outdoors DTS 2011

p.s. we hiked up our mountain one night to sleep up there and watch the sunrise in the morning which is what the middle picture is, it was amazing!