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By YWAM Newcastle on February 8, 2011 in Staff Blog

Prayer of Thanks…

Last week the 3 DTS’s experienced the Fatherheart of God. Students found their hearts impacted to levels never reached before. As a response to what God was doing in her life, one of the Summer Classic DTS students wrote the following poem.

God thank you for these people
Who’ve surrounded me with love
Those who will not judge me
Matches blessed from up above

You’ve blessed me with relationship
With people from afar
Maybe I can last with them
If that’s where you’ve set the bar

Their passion for you is evident
and from this I’m inspired
I love the way they chase you
Without growing tired

I see the broken hearted
All those who are filled with pain
But in them I see healing
and they all have stuff to gain

We’re now one big family
Built on love and trust
There for each others struggles
and after God we’ll only lust

I love my bothers and sisters
and I’m eager to see them grow
I vow to help them when I can
and this I promise to show

They know how to make me smile
To feel better when I cry
They lead me in my walk with God
and don’t just pass me by

I find comfort when I’m with them
and I can speak my heart
I’m working towards giving that
and not hiding any part

I know that they would pray for me
If ever I would ask
I can be myself with them
No need to wear a mask

But really they are wonderful
Your beautiful creations
All unique and fabulous
There are no imitations

I see how much they love you
and I know this is a must
So I will seek both you and them
In both whom I can trust.

By Elesha Atwood