January Classic Summer + Has Started

By YWAM Newcastle on January 29, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools

The January Classic Summer Plus DTS is well it’s way.  We’ve had our first few days of orientation and lectures where we talked about everything from living in community to Worship, Intercession, and recognizing the voice of God!

This is a really great group!  We have 11 ladies and 2 guys, and they hail from Australia, the States, Norway, Canada, England, and Holland!

So far we’ve learned about how to recognize God’s voice, intercession,worship, the Character of God, and we just got back from an incredible week camping and learning about the Fear of the Lord.


The whole DTS packed up on Monday and headed to the ‘bush’ where we slept in tent, did worship under the stars, and spent a lot of time in the beautiful lake.  We learned that fearing God means to have the same attitude towards sin that God has (he hates it because it’s death!) and to be in awe of God.

It was a wonderful week away and we’re gearing up for youth street,and then headed up to Tahlee next week!