Introducing The January 2010 Classic DTS Staff

By YWAM Newcastle on December 22, 2010 in Discipleship Training Schools, Training

We thought you might want to know about some of the lovely people are staffing the January Classic DTS.

Natalie Neubauer

Seven years ago Natalie left her home in Ohio, USA and flew across the world to do a DTS here at YWAM Newcastle. A year later she returned to Australia to do a School of Evangelism (SOE) and not long after, she joined staff at YWAM Newcastle.  Since then she has staffed and led six schools and it has been more of an adventure than she could have planned by herself.   She loves to teach and see people’s lives change through believing truth about God.  One of her favorite things is travelling and God has definitely met that desire


Scott Berry

Scott is 22 years old and married to his wonderful wife, Tina. Scott is from a small Australian beach town called Culburra.  Before Scott became a YWAMer he spent most of his time surfing and making surf videos.  Now Scott uses his gifts in filmmaking and surfing to honour the Lord by being part of leading the Youth Street Surf Team and creating some great videos, some of which you may have seen on our website. He’s been staff here at YWAM Newcastle since 2007


Tina Berry

Tina is from Michigan, USA and is married to her Australian husband, Scott. Together they can get pretty silly and will for sure make you laugh your socks off! Tina comes from a family of bakers and as a result she has many secret family recipes up her sleeve. She has an incredibly soft and caring heart and is one of the most positive people you could ever meet. She did her DTS in 2006 and jumped right back on staff. Tina is 22 years old.


Danny Lucerne

Danny is 20 years old and grew up on an island just below the continent of Australia called Tasmania. In 2009 Danny left his small island to do a DTS in YWAM Newcastle. Not long after that that he came back on staff to be involved with staffing DTS’. He is adventurous and loves to go for a surf when he gets the chance. Once you know Danny you will be addicted to his fun, random ways and spontaneous moments of hilarity. He is a true Aussie bloke with a stockhouse of wisdom and God’s heart.

Jenna Burns

Jenna also hails from the lovely state of Ohio.  She did her DTS with Danny in 2009.   She has recently come back on staff and she is ready to go!  She brings so much enthusiasm and compassion to the table.   She’s also an incredible relator and makes people feel comfortable by befriending them.   She gets next to people and champions them to do what God is telling them to do!  You are going to love getting to know Jenna.


Scott                            Natalie                                Tina                         Danny                                Jenna

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