A You-Beaut, Fair Dinkum, Little Ripper Christmas

By YWAM Newcastle on December 20, 2016 in Community, Staff Blog

The sun is high, the footpath is hot, the grass is yellow and dry;
The rellies are down, the decos are out; Christmas must be nigh.
The school year is done, so pop on a hat and duck down to the beach;
Enjoy the taste of Summer with an ice-cream and a peach.
The cut-outs of reindeer are all over town, the snowmen with their sunnies;
The grocery stores are decked out with tinsel, selling Easter bunnies.*
You’d think that Santa would be booked up with not a minute to spare,
But he’s always down at the shopping centres taking pictures in his chair.
We jump in the car and go for a drive to see some Christmas lights;
The sun doesn’t go down ’til 8:45, which makes for pretty late nights.
On Christmas Eve we head to the park to sing some Christmas songs;
We stand around swatting mozzies, in our singlets and our thongs.
Then back at home we all try to sleep, our ceiling fans are whirring;
Despite what the poets may tell us, the heat keeps us stirring.**
The kids are up early to unwrap their pressies while eating Vegemite toast
Mum and Dad begrudgingly wake and begin to prepare the roast.
New socks for Dad, and tea-towels for Mum; there’s plenty of laughter and mirth;
Then it’s off to church to brag about gifts and celebrate our Saviour’s birth.
Back at home we lounge around, eating a shortbread bicky,
And at the table, at 3:45, the kids are being picky.
After lunch we get in our swimmers and have a water fight,
While Dad lies down in a food coma; he can’t take one more bite.
The kids are hitting sixes as if they’re playing the Windies,
And we all do our best to dive for catches, careful to dodge the bindies.
We serve up the pav and play some Scrabble, thinking of verbs and nouns,
Cringing at terrible bon-bon jokes and wearing our paper crowns.
At bedtime we collapse on our beds; we’ve had an exhausting day;
It wouldn’t be Christmas without all of this; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

By R. L. Winslade
YWAM Newcastle Communication Staff

*Australian shopping centres often begin selling Easter eggs and bunnies in late December

**See Clement Clarke Moore’s famous poem ‘A Visit From St. Nichoclas (The Night Before Christmas)’

Definitions of Aussie Slang:

Rellies: Relatives
Decos: Decorations
Sunnies: Sunglasses
Mozzies: Mosquitoes
Pressies: Presents
Bicky: Biscuit
Sixes (Six): Highest-scoring hit in cricket
Windies: Slang for West Indies Cricket Team
Bindies: Small prickly weeds that often grow in lawns
Pav: Short for Pavlova, a meringue and fruit dessert
Bon-bon: Christmas cracker containing small plastic toys, bad jokes and paper crowns



Photo courtesy of HD Wallpapers Blog

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