Their Family Had To Flee Because They Are Christian | YWAM Refugee Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on May 19, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

We were working in Moria from 4pm-12am and I was in the info/housing tent. After about two consistent hours of finding housing for the newly released refugees, I was needing a few minutes just to walk around and clear my head. As I stepped out of the tent I made eye contact with a man nearby. Immediately he jumped up to ask me if I can give medical help. I was first aid certified when I was 13 and had worked with a nurse and a Doctor for over a year as a non-medical personal assistant, which totally counts right? I nodded, ‘Yes’ to him and was quickly rushed to their tent.

Once inside I find the shift leader beside a woman, whom I later discovered to be this man’s wife. She’s breathing deeply, feels very cold but was sweating heavily, and nearly unconscious. I sit beside her and hold her hand while I ask a few questions. Her chest was tight and when I asked her to follow my finger with her eyes she was unable, her eyes shaking back and fourth.

I’m no professional so I suggested we get the doctor, only to discover that it’s a holiday on the island and there are no doctors in the camp at all.

Instead, we call for an ambulance and I start praying.

I peek outside the tent, asking the Lord for help, when I notice a seven-year-old girl with tears gently streaming down her face looking at her mother. Suddenly everything fell into place in my mind. I realized this girl had traveled for who knows how long to reach an inflatable boat in which to cross the open sea with her family. She is living in a tent which is surrounded by many more tents housing over 3,000 others, and now her Mom is sick. I smile and invite her to come sit on my lap. She brushes away her tears and smiles as she crawls into my arms. I start playing with her hair while I pray over her mother for healing and peace. Her father and I begin talking and I learn that they have traveled all the way from Lebanon. He tells me they are Christian’s and I ask why he and his family decided to leave. Three days before they left, a note had been found under their door from an extremist group containing words I dare not repeat. A day later they woke up with the same message spray painted on the front of their home, simply because they’re Christian. This family is running to safety, that’s all they really want.

I checked back in with the wife and discover all her symptoms have stopped.  Her chest was no longer tight, her temperature normal and she was able to follow my finger with her eyes. Now, she was only tired.

All I had done was prayed a very simple prayer before sitting and chatting with her husband, and now she was okay.

The EMT’s showed up minutes later and it was no longer helpful for me to be there. As I left I saw the little girl brush back her Mom’s hair, leaning close against her. She was safe. The Presence of the Lord had come upon this tent- that’s the only explanation. And I was able to be a small piece of it. 

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