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By YWAM Newcastle on October 27, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

My team and I had the opportunity to go into the city of Wollongong and the surrounding suburbs and work alongside the local YWAM community. God greatly blessed us by bringing our team here! We immediately were welcomed as part of the family and built deep relationships with many people.

One ministry day we went down to the beach to hang out with young people and play volleyball with the locals. A few of our team members asked God for some people to talk to and began walking down the beach. Immediately we noticed a man nearby and felt God urging us to speak to him. We introduced ourselves and began telling him who we are and what we do. During the conversation, we discovered he was an immigrant from Sudan who, after living through the war and losing many of his family members during that time, had decided to move his family to Australia.

As the conversation went on, we invited himself and his family to play volleyball with us. He quickly ran off saying he would bring his family to see us and soon his two children were joyfully playing with us.

All of us seemed to have our attention drawn to the youngest boy,

after many hours in the sun he stayed, talked with us, played with us, and shared about who he thought Jesus was. To him, Jesus was a scary invisible man who does bad things, and we were able to give him a fresh view of who Jesus is as a healer and listener.

Hours passed and we were able to encourage the whole family, sharing the gospel and praying with the father. Towards the end of our time together we prayed for healing over the youngest boy’s hurt leg. As we prayed his face lit up and he questioningly asked, “God hears you? You can talk with him?” 

Our seeds had begun sprouting curiosity! 

He asked, “How do we talk to him and what do we talk about? How do you do the Jesus thing?” We explained that we can talk to and ask Jesus about anything and that He really does answer us, sometimes with words and sometimes without, showing us how He feels.

The young boy asked hesitatingly, “Um…how are you?” and moments later looked up with wide eyes, a large smile on his face, exclaiming that his heart felt warmed. 

THAT was it. We didn’t need to see a salvation, we didn’t need a radical story of an entire family coming to Christ, we just needed a little boy to know that Jesus is alive and that He is not a scary man who does bad things. Jesus is a healer, He wants to listen, and He responds when we speak.

by Keana Miller
YWAM Music & Arts DTS Student

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